We are passionate about the unique role the family can play when someone they love is struggling, particularly when that struggle is related to brain difficulties / changes. We know that family support is crucial in the here and now, and will also play an essential role in the future journey. We also know that following either a diagnosis, or brain injury, many people experience feelings of sadness, loneliness, guilt, anger and fear. Some people may question their ability to cope.

We can help.

Intervention, services and treatments for families

Sphere Memory and Rehabilitation Team gives you the opportunity to speak in confidence to a highly experienced professional about problems or issues that you may be facing. We offer a range of interventions or therapies that can be varied depending on your concerns. The aim of interventions would be to:

  • Help you to adjust or understand difficult situations
  • Increase your confidence and coping
  • Decrease your feelings of anxiety or depression
  • Provide you with support, guidance and help
Help for Families

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