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"I have had the best night's sleep that I've ever had in my life. Thank you for all your help in developing the plan with me. It has really helped."

"The courses helped me to think about the staff I manage and how I can help them."

"Brilliant! I will miss these sessions."

“When I first met Katherine, I told her I understood her role, but that she wouldn’t be able to help me. I have never been so wrong! She has helped me realise and understand the issues caused by my brain injury, most of which I wasn’t conscious of at the start. A superb listener with an understanding of my issues, which in itself provides enormous help. Being able to discuss your personal issues with someone who understands is more helpful than can be described. Katherine is experienced enough to be able to provide strategies which helped me deal with my many emotional issues.”


“Katherine has helped me greatly in identifying what i can still do well and how to play to these strengths in daily life. In turn, this has helped my family in understanding why I say and do certain things and identifying strategies to cope. I now feel more hopeful about the future."

"When I was told I had dementia, I thought that was it. Working with Clare has helped me to understand how I can live well with dementia. I feel so much better now and although it is still hard when I forget things. Instead of getting angry I can cope and get on with my life."


Dementia Research Project


"The Dementia research project has been excellent, we've been practicing what we've learnt at home rather than watching the TV. I know I need to change my attitude in order to stop frustration and realise that some things might be different now but I understand it more. I've realised I need to encourage my wife to keep doing more, turn the TV off and be more active. I've also realised this has been good for me too."


"It has been really good, I've been more patient with my husband. We have gone back to doing things step by step. We have practiced doing different things like remembering names and making a cup of tea. We're going to keep practicing. We really enjoyed the balloon tennis and has introduced fun back into our lives. He can still learn things, it just takes longer and more patience."

We are passionate about the benefits of psychological therapy and cognitive rehabilitation. Our aim is to be approachable and to provide a high quality service. We have asked some of our previous clients to provide testimonials regarding our work, which we hope you will find helpful.

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