We have worked over many years with a lot of clients who are struggling with either a head injury, dementia or age related changes to the brain. Our experience of working with people facing these difficulties is that rehab and psychological treatments are essential as they can make a real difference to their lives and those of their families. Over time we have become increasingly frustrated with the diminishing availability and fragmentation of such essential resources.

We have seen the hidden disabilities that many live with and the amazing resilience that is shown in the face of real pain. This has resulted in our ambition to provide a service that aims to truly understand an individual’s difficulties and which offers an holistic approach. We know when you are struggling you feel vulnerable and having to search around for the right support can make you feel so much worse.

Our aim is therefore to provide a place where you can contact us and find some reassurance and support, as well as being able to dip in and out as and when you might need us. A service like this does not exist currently and this is so frustrating when there is so much in the public domain about brain health and injury / disease.

Finally, we want this service to be underpinned by focusing on people’s strengths, working together with family and the absolute importance of hope.

That is why we have set up Sphere.   

Brain Injury Support

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