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Memory problems and dementia:

What We Offer

You might be experiencing changes in memory and concentration and want to understand more about the cause. Or you may have been diagnosed with a dementia and want to know what you can do to help. Sphere Memory and Rehabilitation Team offers extensive assessment and treatment services. We will work with you to identify what may be causing the problems you are experiencing and what we can to do help.

Assessment Services

Memory problems or changes in behaviour can be caused by a number of things such as low mood, medication or a treatable medical condition. But the problems could also be due to dementia.
Dementia is one of the health conditions that holds the most fear for people and it is normal to be reluctant to look for help. But it is important to get an early diagnosis as this can help in sourcing the right treatment and getting the best support, as well as making decisions for the future.

Sphere Dementia Care uses ‘Neuropsychological Testing’ to assess memory and other areas of the brain. We also complete a family assessment to help get a full understanding of the current difficulties and what might help.

What is a ‘Neuropsychological Assessment’?

A Neuropsychological Assessment involves completing a set of questions or tests that specifically look at different brain functions such as memory, attention, language and perception. The results help to work out what might be causing the problems and what can help.

What else do you assess?

We would look at things like your mood, your everyday activities, your social life and networks. We would also like to talk with family  as we know that memory problems and dementia affect you and your family.

The reason we get all this information is so that we can get a full understanding of what is going on so that we can best recommend holistic and bespoke advice about what help and treatments would be the best way forward for you.

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Sphere Memory and Rehabilitation Team are passionate about working creatively with individuals and their families who are experiencing memory problems / dementia. Treatments offered can range from memory and cognitive rehabilitation packages to individual talking therapies.

Memory and cognitive rehabilitation packages aim to:

Identify ways of compensating for any difficulties identified on testing and in daily life
Provide expert advice and support to develop individual habits and routines which are extremely beneficial as the illness progresses

‚ÄčTalking therapies for people diagnosed with dementia aim to:

Reduce stress, anxiety and low mood, which have been shown to significantly affect memory and thinking
Provide an opportunity to talk in confidence and to discuss any difficult feelings and thoughts, with the overall aim of helping you live with your condition more successfully
Provide advice and strategies regarding fatigue and stress management if appropriate