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Brain Health

Brain Health

We at Sphere are passionate about the fact that normal ageing should not be considered a passive process.

As individuals age, there are recognised changes in attention and the ability to organise and recall more complex information.

A number of factors affect memory, including: physical health, chronic pain and medication, stressful life events and the presence of depression.

There has been considerable research into the importance of health and lifestyle being protective against memory changes.

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What is a cognitive MoT?

It is common practise for individuals to undergo a full physical check which results in recommendations to improve health.

It is now possible to undergo cognitive screening which will result in a profile of your current strengths and weaknesses in thinking and memory.

Alongside the results, we can provide general guidance about looking after your memory, and maximising learning as you age, in addition to recommending cognitive stimulation exercises that may be helpful.

Whilst developing a memory problem is one of the health conditions that holds the most fear for people, our focus is also on normalising changes in memory as people age. Education about protecting memory and maximising learning is key in helping individuals feel more in control.